Top Signs that Summer is Here!

What are the signs that summer has arrived? Aside from the increased temperature, pool openings and slew of school-free kids roaming around, here are some of the sure-fire activities that show summer is upon us!

1. The Driving Range is Full

Thinking you’re going to hit a bucket of balls at the driving range? So is everyone else! The summer sun and clear skies is bringing out the golfers, as they loosen up their golf swing for the summer. Golf is the ideal summer sport. You can get together with some friends for 18 holes on the course, or go solo at the driving range. OGIO has a great selection of women’s golf bags and golf bags for men. If you need to get some new golf gear, check out OGIO golf bags!

2. Break out the Camping Gear

The summer season is great for camping out. The higher temperatures ensure that you’ll be comfortable in your tent at night. Can’t find a campsite in your area or don’t have time to plan a full camping weekend? Try camping in your backyard. Just because you can’t find a suitable campground doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great outdoors. Crank up the grill for hot dogs and s’mores, pack up your sleeping bags and set up camp in the backyard. Summer activities like camping are more about experiencing the outdoors and unplugging, whether in a wild forest or a suburban lawn.

3. Cyclists are out and about

Breaking out the two-wheeled or three-wheeled mode of transportation is a definite sign of summer! Cyclists are out in force, whether they’re peddling or revving their motor. Summer is prime riding and biking time, so expect to see bikers on the road. OGIO has a great selection of moto backpacks for bikers who are using their motorcycles as their daily commuter this summer. Don’t forget to watch out for bikers when you’re out driving around, as they can be easily lost in the blind spots of vehicles.

4. It’s Road Trip Season

Time to pack up the car with food, friends and overstuffed OGIO travel bags! Summer is road trip season! Grab a few of your best friends and a great mix CD, and hit the open road. A road trip is a great way to bond with friends over laughs, sights and probably some petty fights – because being trapped in a car for more than 4 hours isn’t always all fun.

5. There’s a Race Every Weekend

Lace up your running shoes! In the summertime, there are a variety of races to join if that’s your thing. Whether you’re participating in a color run or a warrior dash, there are plenty of races, runs and triathlons to choose from! People walking around in running gear, with paper numbers pinned to their shirts and possibly covered in colored powder is a for sure sign that summer is here.

Summer is a great time for fun in the sun. Try any of the activities above for some guaranteed outdoors fun this summer! Don’t forget to check out OGIO’s great selection of athletic bags, apparel and shoes. Whether you’re golfing, camping or participating in a summer color run, OGIO has something for everyone!

Memorial Day Weekend: Summer Kickoff

You’ve ridden out the long winter and now the best part of the year is finally here! While summer may not technically begin until June 21st, everyone knows that Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kickoff to everyone’s favorite season. Summer’s return means it’s time to fully embrace the sunshine and gear up for a variety of warm weather fun. Here are a few of the awesome outdoor activities you can get excited for now that the days are longer and the temperatures are higher:


ATV bag from OGIO
If you are lucky enough to have a little land, or know someone who does, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of off-roading in an ATV. Heading to the backcountry and doing a little four-wheeling is an incredibly fun and freeing experience, especially after a long boring winter. Make your ATVs even more fun, functional, and summer ready with an ATV bag. OGIOs front and rear ATV bags allow you to carry and protect all your gear while you’re on the go.


Motorcycle bag from OGIO

For those who are more into on-roading than off-roading, motorcycles are the ticket. Memorial Day weekend is a huge holiday for motorcyclists! Huge group rides and rallies occur all of the country. One of the largest and most famous of these rides is Rolling Thunder, a rally held in Washington D.C. in recognition of Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action.  Events like these kick off a full season of motorcycle fun. OGIO has the perfect tail bags, saddle bags, and backpacks to outfit any motorcycle. Check out these awesome moto bags today.


Golf cart bag by OGIO

Summer also provides some of the best weather of the year for golfing. A sunny day on the golf course is a good day on the course. However, as it gets hotter golf charts become even more convenient. Why trek all over the green when you can drive? Instead of hauling your clubs around, focus on your game.  OGIOs golf cart bags help to organize your clubs and make them easy to transport.

With summer right around the corner, make sure you have all the gear you need to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities! From all of

Gotham Golf Bag Colelction’s Gotham City Inspiration

This week OGIO International has released the Gotham golf bag collection to the public. This new addition to OGIO’s award winning golf bag line was previewed in January at the PGA Merchandise Convention in Orlando, Florida. The Gotham collection’s lightweight stand and cart bags were extremely well received and praised for their high quality material and sharp design. Named for their matte black finish, the new golf bags certainly call to mind the urban sleekness of Batman’s Gotham City. In honor of the collection’s release, here are some fun facts about the fictional city that inspired it.

1. Not unlike the way our Gotham bags would be at home on goal courses all over the world, Gotham City is somewhat of an international compilation. Numerous cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Pittsburg, London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong have all been used as inspiration for Gotham City in the Batman comics and films.

2. Writer Bill Finger went through many names including Civic City, Capital City, and Coast City before selecting Gotham. According to Finger, the name came to him when he stumbled across “Gotham Jewelers” in a New York City phone book. Gotham has long been used a nickname for NYC and was originally coined by Washington Irving in his satirical periodical Salmagundi.

3. According to Gotham City’s fictional history, detailed in various ways throughout the comic book series, the town has quite a military past. It is said to have been home to major battles during both the American Revolutionary War and the American Civil War.

4. There is some argument over Gotham City’s fictional geography, as it has varied over decades due to changing writers and story lines. Most references place Gotham in the Northeastern coast of the United States, where New York City is located. However, it has also been said to be in New Jersey, Connecticut, or even the Midwest.

5. According to legend, Gotham City is home to some old occult practices. Allegedly, some of the American Founding Fathers were involved in summoning a bat demon that was trapped below old “Gotham Towne” and inspiring Bruce Wayne’s Batman identity. But don’t worry, unlike Gotham City, we promise there’s nothing dark and depraved about Gotham golf bags, just lots cool features and durability. Check this new collection out today!

Shelter Yourself from April Showers- OGIO Umbrellas

They say that April showers bring May flowers, but that’s no reason to get wet. An excellent umbrella will go a long way toward protecting you from sudden April rainfall, especially if you enjoy outdoor spring activities.

Founded by Mike Pratt in 1987, OGIO International manufactures a remarkable range of sports bags, backpacks, gym bags, golf club bags and gear for corporate travel. Ogio also happens to make a couple of first class umbrellas that will keep you dry whether you’re walking to work, dashing from the car to your door, or spending a day on the green.

OGIO Golf Umbrella
Looking for an umbrella that’s stylish, spacious and sturdy? Take a look at our top notch golf umbrellas. The OGIo golf umbrella is an ideal on-the-green solution for duffers caught in the rain. With an extra long handle and a full 68″ of coverage, the OGIO golf umbrella provides enough portable rain shelter for two. The innovative addition of vents enables reliable coverage, even on the windiest day. Available in Acid, Entropy and black with blue sky interior.

OGIO Chelsea Umbrella for Women
When you spend your time putting together an outfit and making sure you look your best, the last thing you  want is to wreck the effect by being caught in a rainstorm. OGIO is pleased to offer an umbrella that is attractive, easy to carry, entirely useful, and made with women in mind.  The Chelsea umbrella is so cute and convenient you may even  want to get two of them. Keep one in your car and one at home to be ready for anything the weather might bring. Available in black polka dot.

Whatever you call it, parasol, bumbershoot or just plain ‘umbrella’, there’s no better thing to shield yourself from April showers. The earliest known example of a collapsible umbrella dates back nearly 2000 years. OGlO has done a lot to bring our umbrella styling into the 21st century. Our women’s umbrellas and umbrellas for golfers evince the same innovative design and concern for craftsmanship that OGIO is known for.

What’s Your Pastel Personality?

One of the biggest trends lighting up the spring runways and being spotted on the streets this season is pastels. The candy-colored hues are bright, cheerful and the perfect pop of color we all need after a brutal winter. How do you choose the right pastel shade for you? While it’s hard to go wrong with pastels, some shades are more flattering for certain skin and hair colors. Donning your perfect pastel is also a great way to express your personality. Here’s the lowdown on the top pastels this season:


Unlike its more garish cousins, the pastel version of yellow actually reads quite subdued and sophisticated. This yellow is cool and pale without the bright brassiness of sunflower shades. This hue is versatile and looks effortlessly chic. Treat it like a neutral and pair it with black, white or other pastels.

Redheads and those with yellow skin tones and blue eyes (think Cameron Diaz) will shine in this hue. Beware those with pale, cooler toned complexions and black hair as pale yellow will not be as flattering on ice princess types.


Nothing says ‘spring’ like green, and cool mints are all the rage right now. Pastel greens channel a fresh, hip, smart vibe for a look that is both understated and eye-catching. This color is perfect for a quirky, cerebral type. It pairs well with white and it’s color wheel opposite, pink. The freshest way to wear it is a green denim pant.

Those with olive tones in their skin may want to avoid pastel green around the face. This color pops with blue eyes, cooler tones, and black hair (think Zooey Deschanel).

Soft, innocent, and unabashedly feminine, pastel pink is the ultimate expression of girlish charm. (That’s not to say that a guy can’t make it work too! There is something very manly about a dude who is confident enough to wear pink.) The girl who wears pink projects sweetness and charisma. Wear it with camel for a more sophisticated Grace Kelly look.

Redheads may want to steer clear of this hue as it can clash with their tresses. Salmon tones shine on darker complexions, while baby pink and blush looks stunningly appropriate on blondes.

Robin’s egg blue is another spring classic. Light blue evokes tranquility, serenity and an ethereal quality. It’s very on-trend paired with green this season.

The right shade is almost universally flattering, but blue helps blue eyes pop and also strikes a stunning contrast on dark complexions.

Now that you know your pastel personality, pick up your favorite shades from!

Diva Luxe Stand Bag

Diva Luxe Womens golf bag


operatrix women's backpack

Groove Golf Short

Grooveshort men's golf short

The Best Winter Golf Getaways in the US

This winter has been especially brutal, with the Polar Vortex bringing record snowfall and frigid temperatures to much of the country. Those in the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast are still digging out from winter storms and lingering cold. Almost everyone is winter-weary, but the season is particularly painful for golfers, who must shelve their hobby until warmer weather prevails. There are, however, a few destinations where the links are open year round and sunshine abounds. We’ve rounded up the top three winter destinations that tend to be accessible, affordable and perfect for a quick golf getaway.

1.       Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona tops the list for a multitude of reasons. For one, its desert climate practically ensures sunny and dry conditions for golfing. Phoenix averages 320 days of sun per year, reducing the likelihood of a rainout. Temperatures in February and March tend to stay in the perfect golf comfort zone of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit with very light winds.

Phoenix offers plenty of courses to suit any golfers’ delight. Over 200 courses with varying levels of difficulty flourish in this desert golf oasis. Most feature spectacular vistas and amenities. Greater Phoenix is also fairly accessible for most people. Cheap and abundant direct flights make it an easy destination for travelers.



2.       Palm Springs, CA

Sunny and scenic Palm Springs, California is often referred to as the ‘Golf Capital of the World’, thanks to its 115 courses and golf-centered economy. Like Phoenix, Palm Springs offers ideal dry, sunny and warm golf conditions during the late winter and early spring months.

With its proximity to Hollywood, This desert gem also holds a sense of old school glamour with a storied history and elite clientele. President Obama recently chose to celebrate President’s Day at Sunnyland Golf Course in Palm Springs. If it’s good enough for the POTUS, it should suit any golfer’s taste.

Added bonus: most travelers will be coming from East to West to reach Palm Springs, meaning they can gain an hour of time for more golfing!

Palm Springs

Palm Springs

3.       Palm Beach, FL

Like the other two contenders, Palm Beach, Florida offers mild, sunny weather in the winter and plenty of courses to choose from. It does possess one considerable extra – ocean views. If you consider crashing waves, gulls, and a salty breeze the perfect ambiance for the 9th hole, Palm Beach is your kind of golf getaway. The golf-centric, coastal community offers plenty of seaside fairways to spare.

Added bonus: Palm Beach is a top destination for tournaments. The PGA Honda Classic is held there in late February/ early March, giving you the chance to rub elbows with the pros.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach

What to Bring

Once you’ve booked your fun golf getaway, you’ll need the right gear to travel in style and comfort. Here are our top picks:

 The Mammoth Travel Bag – This all-purpose bag will hold any sized OGIO golf bag and your other golf essentials.

OGIO Mammoth Travel Bag

OGIO Mammoth Travel Bag







The Grom Stand BagNavigate the links with ease with this comfortable, functional stand bag.

OGIO Grom Stand Bag

OGIO Grom Stand Bag







The Rocker Golf Polo – This lightweight polo travels without wrinkling and provides UV protection for your pale, sun-starved flesh.

OGIO Rocker Golf Polo

OGIO Rocker Golf Polo

PHOT-OGIO: A Photoshopped Collection of OGIO Apparel

Phot-ogio graphic

It’s not every day that we get to play dress-up with our OGIO online store items, which is why we went a little bit overboard to put together this Photoshopped OGIO model. We assure you that this photo is 100% Photoshopped. Enjoy!


Vortex Ogio golf jacketThe Vortex Full Zip Golf Jacket is of 100% smooth face poly mid-weight construction. It’s mechanical stretch allows for a full range of motion. Wind-resistant material provides thermal protection from chilling temperatures. Front pockets provide for both warm and protection of valuables. It’s fashion forward style allows for “on-course-off-off-course” wear.




ogio groove golf pantsThis 94/6 poly spandex Groove Golf Pant comes in white and black and is fashion forward. It’s lightweight stretch and woven fabric is generous for a full wide range of motion. The Groove Golf Pant has easy care fabric and custom pocket lining.




Ogio tool pack beltThe 450 Tool Pack Waist Belt is a deluxe front flip down tool organizer pouch. The Right side necessity pocket has a water resistant zipper along with an expandable beverage stow-away holster with cinch strap. Weighing just 1.4 Lbs. and a capacity of 450 Cubic inches, the 450 Tool Pack Waist Belt is designed of 840 dobby nylon, 420D dobby nylon and nonslip PVC.




aquatech golf stand bagWeighing just 4.2 Lbs. with a custom fit waterproof rain hood, the Aquatech Golf Stand Bag is lined with a lightweight waterproof fabric. For your valubales, the Aquatech Golf Stand Bag has a fleece lined valuables pocket with a cell phone sleeve.




Newt II monostrap backpackThe 2Lbs., 900 cubic inch capacity Newt II Mono Strap Backpack comes with 1680 D Ballistic Nylon, 300D Oxford Ply, 210D poly cotton. This lightweight backpack has a dual density soft neck mono strap evenly and comfortably distributes weight on your back. Have a tablet or iPhone that you would like to take with you? No problem, the backpack comes with a padded tablet pocket and a fleece lined iPhone/audio side hip pocket with headphone slit.