Efficient Packing Tips for Travelers

Planning a vacation is filled with excitement! From the travel arrangements to trip activities, vacations are a hard-earned reward and you want to make the most of your time off. One way to maximize your relaxation and reduce stress is to pack your bags efficiently. That way, you’ll spend less time digging for items and may even save a few bucks on baggage fees. Whether you’re only bringing carry-on travel back packs or OGIO’s Terminal Travel Bag, these tips will help you pack in tons of fun for any vacation.

The Roll Technique

Forget folding clothes, trying rolling them. Rolling clothes saves space and helps reduce wrinkles. Here’s how the rolling technique works: flashback to junior high sleepovers and imagine your sleeping bag – fold in half, roll tightly and tie, and that’s it! In a little more detail: fold your clothing item in half length-wise (folding in any sleeves), start at the widest end and roll tightly, and then you can secure your roll with rubber bands. An extra step for organization is to bag like items in large zip lock bags. Bagging your clothes will make specific items easy to find during packing and after vacation arrival.

Special Liquid Storage

We all know the greatest fear when travelling: that we’ll go to open our travel luggage and find that our hygiene products have exploded. Separating hygiene products into large zip lock bags is the usual solution to this very real problem. But we’re going to take that a step further! All you need for this packing technique is plastic wrap. Unscrew the tops of the liquid containers you’re packing, place the plastic wrap over the opening and screw the lid back in place. The plastic wrap will add an extra layer of protection in case the lid pops open during travel. Placing your liquids in a plastic zip lock bag in one of the external pockets of our Layover Travel Bag will ensure that your belongings stay safe.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is probably the best and most basic packing strategy. Waiting until the last minute can cause the packing of unnecessary items. Consider how many days you’ll be on vacation and your location. If you’re going somewhere tropical, packing breathable materials will be a priority. If you’re planning on going out on the town, dressier clothes may take precedence. Being prepared can also help you speed up your trip through airport security. Know the airport’s policies for carry-on travel luggage. If there are items in your bag that you will have to remove for the security line, keep these items in one of the outer zippered compartments for easy accessibility.

There are many travel packing tips to help you on your trip! These three packing tips will help you get started to efficiently pack your travel luggage. Don’t waste valuable vacation time worrying about the security of your belongings. Our bags are durable and have plenty of compartments for easy organization. Check out OGIO’s line of travel luggage and start planning your next vacation.

Plan the Perfect Summer Float Trip

A summer float trip helps you reconnect with your family and friends, get closer to nature, and escape the hubbub of everyday life. It also helps you relax and appreciate the benefits of good health and an active lifestyle. Before you take the important people in your life on the trip, use these tips for planning a rafting adventure.

1. Pack good eats and drinks. Organize a cooler, such as the portable size that fits 24 aluminum cans. You could tie a waterproof cooler to the side of the raft or place it in the bottom of a large raft. Fill the cooler with fruits, veggies, meat, water, nuts, trail mix, beef jerky, and whatever else suits the taste buds of your party.

2. Keep everyone entertained during the slow points of the trip with good music. Create a playlist and download it on to each person’s waterproof portable device. From oldies to pop music, include something for every age in your party.

3. Pack overnight camping gear. A summer float trip is ideal for extending a day trip into a memorable adventure. Stow enough gear for one or more nights at a campsite. Remember, you will need toilet paper, a bar of soap, deodorant, clean clothes, a blanket, extra water or a canteen, and additional eats for dinner and breakfast. Consider bringing an OGIO Atlas 100 Hydration Pack to stay hydrated all day long!

4. Plan your return. This might include arranging ground transportation, so your tired group can safely return to the point of origin.

Don’t forget to pack comfortable sporting apparel for your summer float trip. Fill your OGIO X-Train pack with tank tops, athletic shirts, nylon shorts, pajamas, extra socks, and a dry pair of shoes.

When getting ready for the perfect summer float trip, remember to gear up with OGIO. We have a great selection of bags, apparel and hydration packs for any summer adventure!

Tips for Business Travelers

Business travelers are always looking for ways to make their travels as stress-free as possible. At OGIO we understand the needs of business travelers and provide a large selection of travel products to make your travel easier. Here are some of our top tips for making your journey a little more bearable:

1. Choose your travel times wisely.
If possible, select travel days and times that avoid the rush. Monday mornings and Friday evenings are prime business travel days, which means longer security lines and more crowded flights. Traveling on a Sunday evening or Monday afternoon can help you avoid the crowds.

2. Use the right laptop bag!
Even if you are traveling at peak times, you can make your trip through security easier with a little preplanning. If you use a “checkpoint friendly” laptop bag, you won’t have to remove your computer. One less hassle when you’re removing your shoes and emptying your pockets makes the security process just that much faster.

3. Know the difference in flight terms.
You want to spend as little time traveling as possible. A layover obviously costs you precious time sitting in the airport, but many travelers don’t understand the difference between a “direct” flight and a “non-stop” flight. Direct flights might still stop, but instead of changing planes, you’ll just  be sitting on the original flight. This still costs you time landing, unloading, and reloading other passengers, and taking off. A non-stop flight, when possible, is your fastest option.

4. Ease those sore muscles.
Bring a tennis ball with you when you travel. It’s lightweight, inexpensive, and packs easily in your travel backpack. It’s a great way to ease stiff, sore muscles. Roll it under your feet, calves, thighs, or back to loosen stiffness. Roll on luggage is another great way to avoid muscle aches. It allows you to effortlessly pull your gear rather than stressing your shoulders and back.

5. Preregister with security.
You can save 15 to 20 minutes with TSA PreCheck. Just show your TSA PreCheck certification on your boarding pass, and you won’t have to remove your shoes, jacket, and belt. Fifteen minutes may not seem like much time, but every minute counts in today’s hectic world.

Whether you’re a seasoned road warrior or an occasional business traveler, OGIO has the gear to fit your travel needs and your budget. Check out our selection before your next trip!

The Best Winter Golf Getaways in the US

This winter has been especially brutal, with the Polar Vortex bringing record snowfall and frigid temperatures to much of the country. Those in the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast are still digging out from winter storms and lingering cold. Almost everyone is winter-weary, but the season is particularly painful for golfers, who must shelve their hobby until warmer weather prevails. There are, however, a few destinations where the links are open year round and sunshine abounds. We’ve rounded up the top three winter destinations that tend to be accessible, affordable and perfect for a quick golf getaway.

1.       Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona tops the list for a multitude of reasons. For one, its desert climate practically ensures sunny and dry conditions for golfing. Phoenix averages 320 days of sun per year, reducing the likelihood of a rainout. Temperatures in February and March tend to stay in the perfect golf comfort zone of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit with very light winds.

Phoenix offers plenty of courses to suit any golfers’ delight. Over 200 courses with varying levels of difficulty flourish in this desert golf oasis. Most feature spectacular vistas and amenities. Greater Phoenix is also fairly accessible for most people. Cheap and abundant direct flights make it an easy destination for travelers.



2.       Palm Springs, CA

Sunny and scenic Palm Springs, California is often referred to as the ‘Golf Capital of the World’, thanks to its 115 courses and golf-centered economy. Like Phoenix, Palm Springs offers ideal dry, sunny and warm golf conditions during the late winter and early spring months.

With its proximity to Hollywood, This desert gem also holds a sense of old school glamour with a storied history and elite clientele. President Obama recently chose to celebrate President’s Day at Sunnyland Golf Course in Palm Springs. If it’s good enough for the POTUS, it should suit any golfer’s taste.

Added bonus: most travelers will be coming from East to West to reach Palm Springs, meaning they can gain an hour of time for more golfing!

Palm Springs

Palm Springs

3.       Palm Beach, FL

Like the other two contenders, Palm Beach, Florida offers mild, sunny weather in the winter and plenty of courses to choose from. It does possess one considerable extra – ocean views. If you consider crashing waves, gulls, and a salty breeze the perfect ambiance for the 9th hole, Palm Beach is your kind of golf getaway. The golf-centric, coastal community offers plenty of seaside fairways to spare.

Added bonus: Palm Beach is a top destination for tournaments. The PGA Honda Classic is held there in late February/ early March, giving you the chance to rub elbows with the pros.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach

What to Bring

Once you’ve booked your fun golf getaway, you’ll need the right gear to travel in style and comfort. Here are our top picks:

 The Mammoth Travel Bag – This all-purpose bag will hold any sized OGIO golf bag and your other golf essentials.

OGIO Mammoth Travel Bag

OGIO Mammoth Travel Bag







The Grom Stand BagNavigate the links with ease with this comfortable, functional stand bag.

OGIO Grom Stand Bag

OGIO Grom Stand Bag







The Rocker Golf Polo – This lightweight polo travels without wrinkling and provides UV protection for your pale, sun-starved flesh.

OGIO Rocker Golf Polo

OGIO Rocker Golf Polo

OGIO Introduces Exclusive Line of Red Bull Signature Series Bags

OGIO and Red Bull have teamed up to create an exclusive line of premium bags designed especially for The Red Bull Signature Series, an action sports event that airs all year long on NBC.  The bags are designed with the needs of high-performance athletes in mind, and they will be made available on OGIO.com, RedBullShop.us, and some specialty retailers beginning October 1st.

The Red Bull Signature Series broadcasts the most exciting snowboard, surf, wakeboard, skate, mountain bike, BMX and FMX events. OGIO selected a special team of designers to create a line of products that would live up to the fast-paced, high-performance reputation that Red Bull Signature Series has maintained. The result is a high-quality, innovative line of 10 bags, each including unique features that fit the Red Bull Signature Series lifestyle.


RBS 9800 – A custom-colored sled system deck with a wide mouth LID opening and large main compartment. Features heavy duty oversized wheels, a compression strap system and a telescoping pull handle. Also crafted with an iFOM (integrated foam construction). MSRP $279.99

RBS Gear Bag – Specifically designed to have a dedicated boot pocket with a changing mat and multiple carry handles. Also features a suspended padded valuables pocket and multiple stretch-mesh pockets. The hardware is all custom made to Red Bull Signature Series specs. MSRP $179.99

RBS Hydration Pack – A unique design, this pack has a full-access front stash pocket to fit tubes, bike pumps, etc. It also has a top access hydration port and is made with light-weight shoulder straps and a waist belt and sternum strap. MSRP $64.99

RBS Tech Pack – This pack comes equipped with dedicated Red Bull can holsters. It also has a padded laptop pocket and internal tablet sleeve. The quick access drop fleece pocket, and front slip/flap pockets offer multiple storage options. MSRP $89.99

RBS Day Pack – One of the most versatile packs in the collection, this pack will go anywhere with its padded internal laptop sleeve, tablet sleeve, and external Red Bull can holders. The organizer panel and hidden side stash pockets make it great for everyday use including work or school. MSRP $49.99

RBS Roll-top Pack – The unique roll-top pack has a roll-over lid closure and wide top-loading for easy access and protection from the elements. The front zippered stash pocket allows for quick storage when on-the-go. MSRP $39.99

RBS Carry-on – A uniquely styled retro carryon with a large main compartment and multiple grab handles. Features a front slip pocket and top easy access pocket. Custom detailed hardware is utilized with the exterior finishes. MSRP $149.99

RBS No Drag – Designed for wind resistance while riding your street bike, it features a streamlined molded exterior shell and bolstered back foam profile. It also comes equipped with a dedicated laptop and shoe storage compartment and is hydration ready. MSRP $149.99

RBS Travel Duffel – The perfect grab and go weekend duffel was designed to offer convenient storage during travel; comes equipped with a large main compartment, 3 external side stash pockets and 1 medium sized side pocket. Also features haul handles and an adjustable diagonal shoulder strap. MSRP $79.99

RBS Skate Pack – Designed for Red Bull Signature Series’ top skate athletes. Intelligently crafted with heavy webbing compression straps and skate straps/waist belt/sternum strap. Features the eye-catching Red Bull Can Holsters. MSRP $69.99

“We’re not just an adrenaline bag designer, we are a creative and unique entity dedicated to offering the entire world a bag option that will suit their hobbies or daily activities,” said Tony Palma, CEO of OGIO. “Having Red Bull recognize that direction in our company and reach out for a joint venture is a huge step in the industry. We’re looking forward to introducing these models that will change the game for anyone looking for the most dependable bag option.”

“Sharing an ongoing commitment to elevating progression and innovation in action sports makes OGIO an ideal strategic partner for the Red Bull Signature Series,” said Sean Eggert, Head of Sports, Red Bull North America. “The collection is super functional and will give high performing athletes and sports-minded enthusiasts a trusted product line in the playgrounds they play in.”

The full line will be available October 1st, with a few products available now! Head over to the Red Bull tab on the OGIO website and take a look before they’re gone!